RealClearPolitics 9/11

Posted by Ali Zeeshan at 1:42 PM
RealClearPolitics 9/11: RealClearPolitics 9/11 Solidarity Squandered: The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, Al-Qaeda intended to injure the United States and have them, but probably in ways never thought Osama bin Laden. Weakened President George w. Bush’s response to the attacks and the fundamental principles of America are committed its security weakened economy.

The attack on Afghanistan, after which the attacks of 9/11 was understandable, but the subsequent invasion of Iraq was entirely alien to Al-Qaeda as much as Bush tried to establish a link. This war of choice was very expensive orders of magnitude than the $ 60 million at the beginning-as colossal incompetence confirmed met unfair misrepresentation.

RealClearPolitics 9/11 Solidarity Squandered: In fact, calculated cost of war Linda Bilmes and the United States three years ago, the conservative tally to 3-5 billion. Since then, the cost of mounted. With almost 50% of the return of the troops that are eligible for a certain degree of invalidity of payment and over 600,000 to now treated as veterans medical facilities, we estimate now that future payments of disability and health costs of 600-900 million dollars in total. But the social costs, reflected in the suicides of Veterans (who have in recent years under 18 per day) and family, color separations are incalculable.

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