Joi Sun Ho

Posted by Ali Zeeshan at 11:13 AM
Joi Sun Ho: BGM is I’ve Fallen For You by Tony Gonzaga… Here is the lyrics…. What is this I am feelin‘ I just can’t describe When you might be in the vicinity of I am just not the identical I am tryin’ to conceal it Try not to present it It really is mad How could it be I’ve fallen for you Eventually.

my coronary heart gave in And I’m fallen in adore I ultimately know how it feels When you stated howdy I looked in your eyes Abruptly, I felt very good inside Is this actually happenin’ Or am I just dreaming I guess, it is accurate I can’t imagine I’ve fallen for you Eventually, my coronary heart gave in And I am fallen in love I lastly know how it feels So this is really like Isn’t going to make a difference exactly where I am Thoughts of you nonetheless linger in my thoughts No make a difference what time of day I’ve truly.

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