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Posted by Ali Zeeshan at 11:59 AM
London Weight Management London Weight Management Scandal: You have insulted all women, everywhere. Have I had such a deep, almost physical response to anything as I did last night, watching your latest commercial on television. The TVC sought to portray the story of an overweight woman’s journey based on a client’s true story who’s world apparently changed with her decision to undertake a London Weight Management weight loss programme.

The fact that the team who supported you in writing this story, making this TVC, and allowing it to air, got away with denigrating all women but especially any woman battling weight issues, is shocking.

That London Weight Management strongly views women in this light, and finds it acceptable to send this message out to the world is extremely troubling. It should serve as a warning sign to all women to avoid your services entirely, if this is the psychological backbone of your weight loss business.

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